One important topic concerns workplace psychology or the psychology of work.   
There may be a number of interesting research findings concerning work.  This page
contains articles and research findings concerning work.   There are also articles
related to work in the
solutions section and the practical ideas section.

  The psychology of work may involve a number of important questions.  One question
concerns what variables are associated with perceived meaning in work.   Some other
questions concern what variables may be linked to job satisfaction, job performance,
productivity, and creativity in the workplace.
Management Humor: Is Supervisor Humor Associated with Job Satisfaction?
Is Skill Variety Associated with Perceived Meaning in Work?
Can Corporate Image Influence the Likelihood of Responding to an Advertiesement?
Can Irrelevant Quantity Information Influence Judgments of Productivity?
Workplace Creativity:  Is Job Challenge Associated with Creativity in the Workplace?
Is Need for Cognition Associated with Sales Performance?
The Influence of Saying "Like" and "Uh" on Simulated Hiring Decisions
Is Task Identity Asssociated with Perceived Meaning in Work?
Is Task Significance Associated with Perceived Meaning in Work?
Can Including Extracurricular Activities Make a Resume More Persuasive?
Free Will Psychology:  Is a Belief in Free Will Associated with Job Performance?
Can Time Management Training Influence Perceived Control of Time, Perceived Stress, and Job Performance?
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