Why Do We Like Karaoke ?

  The first time I sang at a karaoke event, I observed that I
could not wait to sing again.  It didn't matter if there were
flaws in my singing.   Karaoke was exciting.   I wondered
why karaoke singing was something that many people
enjoyed.  This is an interesting question concerning the
psychology of karaoke.  
   Although it may be clear about the definition of karaoke,
it is less clear about why people like karaoke.  We may not
be fully aware of why we like karaoke.   Nonetheless, I wish
to speculate on three possible reasons why we may enjoy
karaoke. These reflect three possible benefits of karaoke.

Expression of a Dream

 I believe the joy of karaoke has something to do with
singing in front of an audience.  I think it is an expression of
a dream.  As a kid, some of us may have dreamed of
becoming a rock star.  Karaoke may be a way of expressing
this dream to some degree.  We know it is not the same as
being a rock star, but it may help us feel a little like a rock
star.  With karaoke, dreams may come true, at least in a very
minor way.


Another possible reason why we may like karaoke is that it
may allow us to express our personality.  We can select
songs that reflect our personality.  Moreover, we can also
sing the songs in a manner that reflects our unique

Emotional Expression

A third reason we may like karaoke is that it allows us to
express certain emotions while singing.
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