What is Meaning?

  The question concerning what is meaning is
important.  There may be a number of possible
definitions of  meaning.   I have included one meaning
definition.  This definition is related to psychology.

Meaning Definition:

In my book, Finding Meaning (3rd edition), I state
that "Finding meaning is the feeling that your life is
full and significant.  You feel that you are making
progress towards important personal goals.  You
perceive many of your experiences as having value
and purpose" (p. 5).

Subjective Judgment

Thus, one conceptualization of meaning is that it is a
subjective judgment about your life and life events
with respect to significance, purpose, and value.   
There may be no objective evalution of finding
meaning in life. It may change with a change in one's
perspective on life.


Bell, B.  (2007).  Finding meaning (3rd. ed).
Portland, OR:  Blue Fox Communications.