What is the definition of a theory?   There are many possible
ways to define a theory.   Below is one possible theory
  I believe that this can be viewed as a definition of a
scientific theory, and it may be helpful in thinking about ideas
about feeling, thinking, and human behavior.

Theory Definition:

    A theory can be viewed as a general idea or a set of related
ideas that may help to explain events, phenomena, behaviors,
or research findings.

     Not every idea should be consider a theory.  Some ideas
may be too specific to be described as a complete theory.  An
idea that is fairly
general and explains much could be
considered a
complete theory. Moreover, the combination of
related or connected ideas can be viewed as a theory.

Theory Examples:

    There are many possible examples of theory.   Frankl (1992)
suggested that the search for meaning is a primary motivation.  
This idea could be labeled as a theory.  It is a general statement
that may explain many behaviors.  Also, an idea of how certain
types of intelligence influence certain motives could be
considered a theory.


Frankl, V. E. (1992).  Man's Search for Meaning:  An    
Introduction to Logotherapy.
(4th edition).  Boston:
Beacon Press.