The Perceived Meaning of Dreams:
           College Students' Beliefs About Dreams

Many people may interpret their dreams.  There are a
number of beliefs or theories concerning the meaning of
dreams.   Robbins and Tanck (1991) conducted research
concerning college students' beliefs or theories about
dreams. In their follow-up study involving 86 undergraduate
students, the students were provided with eight statements
reflecting beliefs about dreams.  The view of dreams that
had the highest endorsement (91%) was the idea that dreams
are linked to one's anxieties and fears.  The view of dreams
that had the second highest endorsement (88%) was the idea
that dreams are related to events of the recent past or events
of the previous day.  The view of dreams with the third
highest endorsement  (82%) was the theory that dreams
reflect ideas that are brought forth from the unconscious. (1)
These findings suggest that a large percentage of college
students have some similar views concerning the nature or
meaning of dreams.


See their article for information concerning other findings.


Robbins, P. R., & Tanck, R. H. (1991).  Theories of dreams
held by American college students.  
The Journal of Social
, 131, 143-145.