How to Write a Thank You Letter or Note

Gratitude is an important type of communication.  It is
important to gain an understanding of how to write a good
thank you letter or note.  There may be a number of good
ways to write a thank you note or letter.  Below are some
general guidelines:

1.  Be Brief

The thank you letter or note could be brief.  The person who
receives the letter or note may
not wish to make the effort to
read a letter or note if it contains too many words.  Also, by
keeping it brief, it may be clearer to the reader what the basic
message is.

2.  Be Sincere

It is very important that a letter seems sincere to the reader. A
letter may have little value if it is not perceived to be sincere.
Write the letter as if you called the person on the phone.  Use
words that reflect the way you really feel.

3.  Be Specific

A letter with specific information about why you are thanking
someone may be perceived to be more sincere.  It may also be
more likely to be appreciated.

4. Proofread the Letter

A letter that has typos and grammatical errors may be less
likely to be appreciated.