Teamwork is an important concept.  It is a concept
related to psychology.   It is important to define
teamwork.  What is teamwork?   Below is one definition
of teamwork:

Teamwork Definition

Teamwork is working collectively on a task in an
efficient and harmonious manner.

Elements of Teamwork

        The above definition suggests that two essential
elements of teamwork are efficiency and harmony.  Good
examples of teamwork may include both of these elements
of teamwork.
       If people are working on a task collectively but not in
an efficient manner then it may not be teamwork.   In
order to be efficient, it would be important that (a) every
person make a significant effort, and (b) each person is
assigned work that best reflects his or her abilities.
      Moreover, if people are working on a task collectively
but there is significant conflict it may not be teamwork.  In
order to achieve harmony, it is important that (a) team
members have a good understanding of how the work of
other team members contributes to achieving the goal, (b)
there is sufficient communication while achieving the task,
and (c) each member of the team is assigned work that
does not conflict with the work of other team members.

mportance of Teamwork

It is important to gain an understanding of the
importance of teamwork.  There may be a number of
benefits of teamwork.  First, teamwork may foster
empathy for others.  Second, teamwork may allow more
goals to be achieved.  Third, some goals may be achieved
more effectively or efficiently with teamwork.  Fourth,
teamwork may lead to more friendships.  Fifth, teamwork
could increase how happy people are with their work.

Team Building Activities for the Workplace

Team building ideas or strategies are important.  In
order to foster teamwork in the workplace, it may be
necessary for an organization to have company team
building activities.  These activities may foster effective
tea work skills.
     Teamwork stories may be beneficial.  The teamwork
stories may provide examples of teamwork challenges and
successful teamwork.  The stories may help in improving
teamwork communication by providing examples of
effective communication.  Also, the stories may provide
examples of how leadership and teamwork are related.
      Empathy training may be beneficial.  It may be one of
the best team building activities.  Teamwork may require
mutual understanding.  Thus, empathy training may help
to increase teamwork.  Members of a group could have
training that involves gaining a better understanding of (a)
how other members of the group perceive and evaluate
situations, (b) the problem solving styles of other
members, and (c) and the values and beliefs of other