Singing is an activity that may be enjoyed by many people.  It
may be important to gain an understanding of the joy of singing.
One interesting topic is the psychology of singing.

Psychology of Singing

   There are a number of important questions concerning the
psychology of singing.  Some of these questions include the

What are the effects of singing?
What are the possible benefits of singing?
Why do people enjoy singing?

   Chong (2010) conducted a study with university students in
which participants were asked about whether they enjoyed
singing, and why they did or did not enjoy singing.  The responses
were categorized.  The analyses of the responses resulted in three
main categories of responses, and the most common main
category was labeled "enjoyment of singing," which was 88.3%
of the participants.   There were 7 subcategories for the
enjoyment of singing main category, and the most common
subcategory for this main category was labeled "self-expression."
Thus, self-expression may be an important reason why some
people may enjoy singing.  


   One type of singing that is enjoyed by some people is
karaoke.   Below is an article with some ideas concerning why
we may like karaoke:

Why Do We Like Karaoke?


Chong, H. J. (2010).  Do we all enjoy singing?  A content
analysis of non-vocalists' attitudes toward singing.  
Arts in Psychotherapy
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