Self-serving Bias

       We may not be fair or objective in some of our judgments.  
This may be especially true with respect to judging ourselves.  
We may be motivated to have a positive
self-concept and high
self-esteem.  As a result, we may be biased in how we perceived
ourselves.   What is the self-serving bias?  The self-serving bias
is an important concept in psychology.  Below is one definition
of the self-serving bias:

Self-serving Bias Definition:

The self-serving bias is the tendency to judge oneself in a
positive manner even when the positive evaluation is not

Self-serving Bias Examples:

There may be a number of good examples of the self-serving
bias.  Below are some self-serving bias examples:

1.  Believing that you are more intelligent than you actually are.

2.  Believing that a positive outcome (e.g., writing a best-selling
book) is completely due to your talents when it may be partly
explained by chance factors or the efforts of others.

3.  Blaming a negative outcome in your life on other people or
bad luck when it may be partly due to making bad decisions.

4.  Believing that you can become a famous singer when most
people have doubted your singing ability.