Self-fulfilling Prophecy

   Can our expectations create their own reality?  This
question concerns self-fulfilling prophecies.  What is a
self-fulfilling prophecy?  Below is one definition of
self-fulfilling prophecy.
Self-fulfilling Prophecy Definition:

A self-fulfilling prophecy is the tendency for our
expectations to foster the behavior that is consistent with
our expectations.

Self-fulfilling Prophecy Examples:

A supervisor who thinks that an employee is more
intelligent than other employees may praise the employee to
a greater degree than other employees.  As a result, the
employee achieves greater job performance than the other

 A teacher who thinks that a student in his or her class is
gifted may ask the student more challenging questions and
praise the student more than the other students in the class.  
This may result in the student achieving better grades than
the other students in the class.