How to Write a Resignation Letter

        There may be a time in which you decide to quit a job and you
need to write a resignation letter.  Thus, it is important to learn
how to write a good resignation letter.
     There may be a number of views on how to write a letter of
resignation, and what is the best resignation letter format.  
Moreover, there may be many possible resignation letter
examples. There may not be one correct way to write a resignation
letter. Nonetheless, I believe that there are some general
guidelines for writing a letter of resignation.  I think it may be
better to use general guidelines than a specific sample resignation
letter because the best letter to use would depend on the situation.

1.  Keep it Positive and Polite.

  It is important to write a nice resignation letter.  There is no need
to blame anyone.  This may not serve any useful purpose.  
Moreover, you may wish to use the employer as a reference in the
future. Thus, it is important that you convey a positive attitude in
the letter and be polite.

2.  Keep it Brief.

   Sometimes saying less may be better.  This may be true for the
resignation letter.  It may not be necessary to explain why you are
quitting, and your employer may not even care about reading your
reasons.  You can simply state that you wish to quit.

3.  Express Gratitude

     The resignation letter can be a thank you resignation letter.
Expressing gratitude demonstrates respect and politeness.  Even if
the job was stressful or unpleasant, you can still express gratitude
for the opportunity of working at the company.  Also, you can
express appreciation for the knowledge that you gained while
being employed at the company.  Even if the experience was
unpleasant, you may still gain knowledge. Most experiences,
whether positive or negative, may allow us to learn something.