This page contains some of my thoughts
and views concerning a number of topics.
Meaning of Life Versus Meaning in Life
Quality and Quantity:  Quantity is Not Necessarily Quality
Why Do We Like Karaoke?
Self-published Books Can Be High in Quality
Psychology of Meaning:  Sources of Meaning
Psychology of Meaning:  Meaning as a Primary Motive
Psychology of Meaning:  Roadblocks to Finding Meaning
The Experience Fallacy
What is the Meaning of Life?
Karaoke Singing Tips:  How to Sing Karaoke and Audience
Quality Definition
Importance of Psychology
Remembering Names:   The Celebrity Name Technique
Money Saving Tips:  Calculating Long-term Spending
Communication Skills in the Workplace:  Rapport Building Strategies
Characteristics of a Good Person
The Psychology of Poetry
The Importance of the Thank You Letter
The Sincere Apology Letter