Rapport Definition

Developing or establishing rapport is a
fundamental aspect of human communication, and it
is a topic that is related to the psychology of
communication.   Being able to build or establish
rapport could be viewed as a basic element of social
       It is important to define rapport.  What is the
definition of rapport?   Below is one possible rapport

Rapport can be viewed as the development of trust,
understanding, respect, and liking between two

The above definition of rapport suggest that
there are four elements of building rapport.  People
who wish to build rapport should strive to build trust
(e.g., demonstrate honesty, reliability, and fairness),
understand another person's views (e.g., make
statements that you understand how a person feels),
show respect (e.g., be polite and express gratitude),
and be the kind of person who others would like
(e.g., be empathetic and altruistic).