Communication Skills in the Workplace:
                                 Rapport Building Strategies

       In the workplace, it is important to know how to improve communications skills.  Having good communication skills may result in increased job motivation, teamwork, productivity, and happiness in the workplace.  
        Learning how to build rapport is one element of developing good communication skills.  Learning to build rapport may also help one to learn how to make friends in the workplace.
       In the workplace, rapport can be viewed as the development of trust, understanding, respect, and liking among employees.
       How can we build rapport in the workplace?  There may be several ways to build rapport.  Below are four ways that I believe may help to build rapport.  These can be viewed as a brief list of rapport building techniques and a brief list of communication skills.    
       Communication skills training in the workplace could involve these four ways of building rapport.

1.  Demonstrate Good Listening Skills

People may generally like others who make an effort to listen to what they are saying.  It may demonstrate that someone is caring.   People may demonstrate good listening skills by making statements that reflect that they understand the person's statements, and by asking relevant questions.

2.  Express Gratitude

A simple way that may build rapport is to simply say "thank you," or state that you appreciate someone's work.  Even if the person is only completing their work according to what is expected of him or her, it still would be a good idea to thank the person or express your appreciation.  Expressing gratitude may be a way of demonstrating that you understand and care about another person.

3.  Express Empathy

Many people may wish to feel that they are understood and that others can feel what they feel.  Expressing empathy is another way to demonstrate that you care about and understand someone.  You can state that you understand how the person feels and you have also felt that way. 

4.  Express Humor

Expressing humor may be another way to establish or build rapport. Expressing humor may lead to the perception that you are easygoing and friendly.  It may increase liking and trust, and people may feel more comfortable talking to you.