Quantitative Research

      There are different approaches to conducting original research.  
Quantitative research is a common type of research in psychology.  What
is quantitative research?   Below is one definition of quantitative research.

Quantitative Research Definition:

Quantitative research is a category of original research that involves the
collection of numerical data.

Types of Quantitative Research:

Quantitative research can be viewed as a category of research, rather
than a specific type of research method.  Thus, there are different types of
quantitative research.   Below are two types of quantitative research.  
These types of quantitative research reflect specific research methods.

1.  A correlational study.   A correlational study involves the investigation
of associations between variables, and the variables are simply measured
in the study.  For example, one could conduct a correlational study in
which the association between a measure of sense of humor and a
measure of extraversion is assessed.

2.  A randomized experiment.   A randomized experiment involves the
manipulation of one or more variables to determine what effect the variable
or variables have on another variable or variables, and participants are
randomly assigned to the conditions of the experiment.  For example, one
could present a description of a leader in which the level of humor was
manipulated.  In one condition, the leader could be described as high in a
sense of humor, and in the other condition the leader could be described
as low in a sense of humor.  Participants could then make a judgment of
perceived leader effectiveness.