Quality of Life Definition

    It is important to define quality of life.  Quality of  life is an
important concept related to psychology.  What is quality of life?  
Below is one possible definition of quality of life:

Quality of life is the subjective judgment of the extent to which
one is living the good life.  This perception of the good life may
be based on feelings of happiness, meaning in life, and inner

The above definition suggests that quality of life does not reflect
objective or external standards.  Moreover, the definition of
success could be based on the subjective judgment of the quality
of one's life.  If a person is happy, has inner peace, and perceives
that his or her life is meaningful, then the person could be viewed
as being successful and achieving a high quality of life.  Moreover,
learning how to live a good life can be viewed as involving
learning how to increase inner peace, happiness, and meaning in
life.  These can be viewed as three basic elements of a quality life.

Quality of Life Research Findings

There may be a number of interesting and important research
findings concerning quality of life.  This page contains articles with
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