Quality and Quantity:  Quantity is Not Necessarily Quality

  How many books have you written?  How many publications do you have?  I
don't like these questions.  Why should the number matter?  A quality definition
should make it clear that quantity is not necessarily quality.  You could write one
book that was less than 80 pages that made a real difference.  You could also
write 100 books that make little difference.  Thus, the focus should be on quality
not quantity.
    Length is not necessarily strength.   One reason I don't like to read some
books is that it is unpleasant to have to read so many words to comprehend the
basic message.  Why is it necessary to use so many words?   We may remember
few of the ideas.  We may just remember the main ideas.   Would it not be
better to have a more focused and concise presentation of ideas?   I would think
so.   With fewer words, the reader may be more likely to comprehend the basic
ideas.  The ideas will stand out.  You only need one good example to express an
idea.   Too many words may just confuse or annoy the reader.
   Who decided that a book had to be 200 to 300 words in length?  Why not
write a book that is 50 to 100 words?   Writing shorter books would save people
time.  They may be happier because it takes less effort to comprehend the basic
ideas.  It would save paper.  Shorter books may be better for the environment.
   Making a difference cannot be easily measured in terms of quantity.   Would
it not be better for people to focus on several projects that would make a very
important contribution, then to focus on many projects that are not likely to
make much of a difference?   If you focus on a few projects that likely to make
a major contribution, you may have much more time for other things that matter
in life.
    Working on a few projects may be more enjoyable and meaningful than
working on a large number of projects.  Working on too many projects may be
stressful.  You may be frustrated because you don't have a sense of making
significant progress.  Working on a few projects can simplify your life.  You may
find more enjoyment and meaning in working on a few projects than many
projects because you have a greater sense of making progress on the projects.  
Thus, it is important to focus on quality over quantity.
    In short, the issue of quality vs. quantity is important.  Quantity is not
necessarily quality!   There is an important difference between quality and