Qualitative Research

   There are different approaches to conducting original
research.  One of the approaches involves qualitative
research.  Some studies in psychology may be qualitative.  
What is qualitative research?   Below is one definition of
qualitative research.

Qualitative Research Definition:

Qualitative research is a category of original research that
involves the collection of information that is not numerical.

Qualitative Research Example:

 There are different types of qualitative research.   Below is an
example of phenomenological research, which is one type of
qualitative research.  

  Imagine that you are interesting in gaining insight concerning
the experience of loneliness.  You wish to gain an answer to
the following question:

What is it like to feel lonely?

 To address the above question, you could conduct a
phenomenological study in which you ask participants the
above question, and then analyze their responses to the
question.  You could look for themes and categorize responses
concerning these themes.
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