The Psychology of Poetry
Poetry is an artistic form of communication that may be
appreciated by a significant number of people.   It may be
easier to address questions concerning the psychology of
poetry than the question concerning what is poetry.
 The psychology of poetry has two perspective:  the writer
perspective and the reader perspective.  The writer
perspective concerns why we like to write poetry.  The
reader perspective concerns why we may enjoy reading
In this article, I will provide some ideas concerning why we
may like to write poetry, and why we may enjoy reading
poems.  These ideas may have implications for how to write
a poem.  More research may be needed to address the
validity of these ideas.

Why Do We Like to Write Poems?

1.  Self-expression

One of the basic reasons we may enjoy writing poems is
that it may allow us to express our thoughts, feelings,
interests, attitudes, and values in a brief form of
communication.  For example, writing poems about nature
may reflect our interest in nature.

2.  Creative Expression

Poetry may be a simple and easy way to express creativity.  
Expressing creativity may be a way that helps to foster
meaning in our lives.

3.  Inspiration and Motivation

Poetry may be a way to feel inspired and motivated.  We
can write positive poems with a message.   It may make us
feel more motivated.  
Also, we may enjoy writing poetry because we wish to
inspire or motivate others.  It may be very rewarding to
know that our poetry can make a difference in the lives of
others.  For example, we may write a poem to provide
words of encouragement for a friend, or a poem about
hope.         Because providing words of encouragement
may be a defining attribute of close friendship, some
inspirational poems can be viewed as friendship poems for
best friends.

4.  Emotional Expression

Writing poems may be one way to express our emotions.  
We can express both positive and negative emotions.   For
example, we may write a poem to express happiness or
Also, writing poems may allow one to express how one
feels about others.  For example, you could write short love
poems for the one you love.   Short love poems for him or
her should be specific and clearly state feelings.

Why Do We Enjoy Reading Poems?

1.  Understanding a Person's Feelings

Poetry appreciation may be linked to empathy.  Poetry
may help us to imagine and understand how another person
feels.   It may be important for us to understand how
someone close to us feels.

2.  Artistic Appreciation

Reading poetry may be enjoyable because we appreciate
the artistic expression of the writer.

3.  Inspiration and Motivation

Reading poetry may inspire and motivate us.  It may be
uplifting.  Poetry may provide us with a sense of hope and
meaning.   We may gain insight into how to cope with
In the
Inspirational Poems section, I have included two
poems that can be considered inspirational poems.