Importance of Psychology
 One question concerns the importance of psychology.  Why is the field
of psychology important?   There may be at least three reasons why
psychology is important.

1.  Self-Knowledge

    Learning can be viewed as one purpose of life, and self-knowledge can
be viewed as an important element of learning.  We may not be able to
fully understand ourselves simply through self-reflection. We may not be
able to fully understand the causes of our own behaviors.  We can gain a
better understanding of who we are and the causes of our behaviors by
learning about psychology findings in scholarly journals.  In psychology
journals, there are many randomized experiments.  Because these
randomized experiments allow us to make causal conclusions, we can gain
insight into the true causes of our behaviors.   Moreover, a personality test
may allow one to gain knowledge of one's personality.  This knowledge
personality may help to develop personal goals consistent with one's

2.  Learning About Others

    In addition to learning about oneself, the field of psychology allows us
to learn about others.  For example, we may gain insight into personality
traits that are different from our own personality traits.
   It is important to gain an understanding of others to improve social
relationships.  We may wish to build rapport and communicate more
effectively.   Also, we may need to know how to be an effective manager
or leader.

3.  Practical Ideas

     Ideas and findings in psychology may help to think of practical ideas
and possible solutions to important problems.  We may gain insight
concerning possible applications of psychology and solutions to certain
important problems. (1)


1.  This website has a section on practical ideas.