Practical Ideas

        One important question concerns psychology in daily
life.   It is important to have an understanding of practical
psychology and psychology in daily life.   What is practical
psychology?    Below is one practical psychology definition:

Practical Psychology Definition:

Practical psychology involves the utilization of ideas and
findings in psychology to solve practical problems.

Practical Ideas and Topics:

     This page has some articles concerning practical ideas and
my own views on certain practical topics.   For example, some
of the topics include remembering names, money saving tips,
karaoke singing tips, cover letter writing, how to write a
resignation letter, and rapport building strategies.   The ideas in
the articles below may be interesting and useful.  More articles
may be added at a later time.
Remembering Names:  The Celebrity Name Technique
Money Saving Tips:  Calculation Long-term Spending
Communication Skills in the Workplace:  Rapport Building Strategies
Karaoke Singing Tips:  How to Sing Karaoke and Audience Enjoyment
A Three-Step Fundraising Technique
Open Mike Events:  Motivating Employees with Music and Humor in the Workplace
Organizational Service Projects
Cover Letter Writing
Increasing Job Meaning and Employee Motivation with Greater  Job Autonomy
Tips on How to Save Money Every Month
How to Write a Resignation Letter
Job Rejection Letter:  How to Write a Rejection Letter to a Job Applicant
How to Write a Thank You Letter or Note