Poetry is form of writing that can be distinguished from
prose.  What is poetry?   It may be difficult to define poetry.  
However, gaining an understanding of the elements of poetry
may help to have a better understanding of the definition of

Elements of Poetry

    What are the elements of poetry?   There may be at least
three basic elements of poetry.  These three basic elements of
poetry are indicated below:

Artistic Expression

Poetry can be considered a form of artistic expression.  The
artistic quality may be reflected in the aesthetic quality of the
writing, the metaphors and symbolism in poetry, the rhyme in
poetry, and the imagery in poetry.

2. Creativity

Poetry can also be considered as reflecting creativity.  
Poems may be original in both the content and style of writing.

3. Self-expression

Writing poems may involve expression one's own thoughts
and feelings, and these thoughts and feelings may be a
reflection of one's personality.

Psychology of Poetry

    Understanding poetry may be important.  The psychology
of poetry includes such questions as why we may like to write
poetry, and why we may like to read poetry.  Below is an
article concerning the psychology of poetry.

The Psychology of Poetry

   The article below concerns a study on creativity in which
poems were judged with respect to creativity.

Can Being Extrinsically Motivated Reduce Creativity?