Open Mike Events :  Motivating Employees
                 with Music and Humor in the Workplace

Employee Motivation in the Workplace

Employee motivation is an important issue.  No matter what job
you may have, the job may become somewhat boring at times.  
This may be true because most jobs involve doing the same kind of
work every day, and after some time the job is no longer
challenging.  This could result in being less motivated.  You might
even be thinking about getting another job.  
  This may be a major problem for some managers in
organizations.  What can they do to increase job motivation?  There
are many possible solutions to this problem concerning motivation
in the workplace.  One possibility is to make the work environment
more fun.  In one survey with HR managers, 95% reported that a
fun work environment would produce an increase in employee
enthusiasm (Ford, McLauglin, & Newstrom, 2003).   
  How can work be made more fun?   There are many ways to
make work more fun.  However, I suggest that it should be
something that is challenging and can foster self-expression and

Open Mike Events

A unique idea is to have open mike events.  These events may be
very interesting, as well as challenging.  They may foster
self-expression and lead to laughing.   At least once a week
employees could get the chance to perform in an open mike event
during a break or during lunchtime.  There could be humor and
music (including karaoke).  These open mike events may make
people feel relaxed and happy.  They may form new friendships
and look forward to going to work.   Ford, Mclauglin, and
Newstrom (2003) found that 91% of the HR managers in their
survey reported that a fun work environment would increase
friendships at work.


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