Observational Learning

  Observational learning is an important idea in psychology.
Thus, it would be important to define observational learning.  
Learning through observation may explain many behaviors.
What is observational learning?   Below is one definition of
observational learning.

Observational Learning Definition

Observational learning is a type of learning in which a
person learns new information and behaviors by observing
the behaviors of others.

Observatinal Learning Examples
 There are many possible examples of observational
learning.  Observational learning is a process in which a
person observes another person's behavior and the
consequences of the behavior.  If the consequences are
positive, the person may imitate the behavior.
   Imagine you wish to be a comic.  You observe comics at an
open mike event.  This allows you to gain insight into the
statements and behaviors of people who strive to be funny.  
This is one example of observational learning.
  Now imagine you have accepted a job in sales.  However,
you have no sales experience.   Thus, on your first day you
observe an experienced salesperson.  This allows you to gain
knowledge of the statements and behaviors of effective