Title of Novel:   A Bright Purple Sky

Year of Publication:   2019

Description of
A Bright Purple Sky:

This novel takes place in the 29th century.   On a planet called
Bluekeenia, explorers from Earth found intelligent aliens that resembled
tiny dinosaurs.  On a planet called Tranzeeka, the explorers discovered
a city, but the intelligent aliens are no longer there. They discovered a
device that can answer questions and displays images.  They learn that
the sky on Tranzeeka had been blue, but one day it inexplicably turned
purple.  After the sky turned purple, the Tranzeekan society became
more peaceful, just, and kind.  The explorers gained knowledge about
how this was achieved.  In a manuscript, the leader of the starship
creates a list of seven elements that are essential to foster a better
society.  These elements involved a combination of ideas from the
Tranzeekan and Bluekeenians cultures.  These elements are
collaboration, effective leadership, universal identity training, empathy
training, celebrations, equality, and finding meaning in life.


Science fiction, utopian fiction, futuristic fiction.

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