What are norms?  Below is one definition of norms:

Norms Definition:

orms are stated or implied rules for expected behaviors.  Norms convey what is generally considered acceptable behavior.

Norms Examples:

There are many possibles examples of norms.  Below are three examples of norms:

1.   The reciprocity norm suggests that we should help
people who have helped us.  For example, imagine that you wish to have a day off  for a family wedding.  You are expected to work that day.  You ask a coworker to work that day for you.   Consistent with the reciprocity norm, you may be expected to agree to a similar request from your coworker in the future.

2.   Saying "thank you" is another example of a norm.  It is expected that we express appreciation for helpful, supportive, and kind behaviors.

3.  It may be a norm to express empathy when hearing about another person's difficulty.  Failing to express empathy could result in the perception that a person is insensitive.