Money Saving Tips:
   Calculating Long-term Spending

  Imagine that you spend 4 dollars every day on coffee at
coffehouses.  This may not be viewed as much when you calculate
the amount spent per day.  You may not think that you are
spending too much on coffee.  However, what would happen if
you calculated the amount you spent on coffee for a year, five
years, or ten years?
 Spending 4 dollars per day on coffee at coffeehouses would equal
spending 1,460 dollars a year, 7,300 dollars for five years, and
14,600 dollars for ten years!   If you think about spending 14,600
dollars for coffee over ten years, you may reconsider whether to
spend the 4 dollars a day for coffee at coffeehouses.  There
probably are many things that you may wish to buy with the
money that you would save by not spending the 4 dollars per day
on coffee.
Thus, one of the possible tips on saving money concerns
calculating the amount that you spend for some things over 1 year,
five years, or ten years. This may be one of the important money
saving ideas.  You may have more money for some important
major expenses.  It may help you to learn how to save money
every month.
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