Money and the psychology of money are important
topics.  We may spend a significant amount of time
thinking about money.  This may include thinking carefully
about how to spend money, and how to save money.  It
may involve developing a frugal living philosophy.
 Some of the important questions concerning money are
indicated below:

What are the research findings concerning money?

How can we save money?

Research Findings:

There may be a number of interesting and important
research findings concerning money and the psychology of
money.  Below are two articles with research findings:

Can Money Buy Happiness?:  Are Lottery Winners Any
Happier in the Long Run?

Does the Type of Bills You Have Influence Your
Willingness to Buy a Product?

Practical Ideas Concerning Saving Money:

There are many practical ideas concerning how to manage
your money, best ways to save money, saving money
wisely, and how to save money every month.
Below are two articles concerning saving money:

Tips on How to Save Money Every Month

Money Saving Tips:  Calculating Long-Term Spending
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