Micromanagement is concept that concerns the
management style of managers or supervisors at work. It
may viewed negatively in some situations.  Thus, it is
important to define micromanagement.  What is
micromanagement?  Below is one definition of

Micromanagement Definition:

 Micromanagement can be viewed as a management
style that reflects significant input and direction by a
manger or supervisor

Micromanagement Example:

      In order to gain a clear understanding of
micromanagement, is important to provide an example of
micromanagement.  Below is one hypothetical example:

     Joe works as an online instructor at a college.  His
supervisor often critiques his discussion board responses and
the manner of feedback provided to students.  His supervisor
provides detailed comments on the way he thinks that Joe
should respond on the discussion board and grade papers.
Joe does not feel that he has much freedom to decide how
to grade papers or post discussion board postings.