The psychology of memory is an interesting and important topic in cognitive psychology.   There may be some interesting and important memory concepts and research findings concerning what influences memory. Psychology memory articles may be very interesting.

Memory Concepts

Below are some articles concerning some memory concepts.  The memory concepts include short-term memory, long-term memory, procedural memory, semantic memory, episodic memory, the decay theory of forgetting, and the interference theory of forgetting.
       Some of these memory concepts can be considered theories of forgetting.   One of the articles involves the decay theory of forgetting.  Another article involves the interference theory of forgetting. 

Short-term Memory and Long-term Memory
Procedural Memory
Semantic Memory and Episodic Memory
The Decay Theory of Forgetting
The Interference Theory of Forgetting

Memory Research Findings

The psychology of memory may involve a number of interesting findings.  Below are some articles involving memory research findings.  One of these articles on memory concerns the influence of vividness on memory.   The other article on memory concerns the influence of humor in lectures on the recall of information. 
       These articles may be of interest to teachers and students. Humor and vividness may be two variables that could influence what we can remember.  It may be good for teachers to provide vivid and humorous examples when lecturing.  Also, the findings may provide insight into possible memory improvement tips.  For example, students could strive to think of vivid and and humorous examples of concepts when studying for exams.

Psychology of Memory: Vividness and Memory
Education Humor:  Can Funny Lectures Foster Learning?