Workplace Creativity:  Is Job Challenge Associated
                  with Creativity in the Workplace?

    Creativity is a highly valued behavior in the workplace.   Developing original solutions to
problems may greatly help organizations.  Moreover, creativity may make a job more
meaningful for employees.  How can creativity be increased in the workplace?   One
possibility is that a more challenging job may increase creativity in the workplace.   Carmeli,
Cohen-Meitar, and Elizur (2007) hypothesized that job challenge would be positively related
to the creative behavior of an employee at work.
     Carmeli, Cohen-Meitar, and Elizur (2007) investigated relations between job challenge,
organizational identification, and creative behavior in the workplace.  A person who identifies
with an organization may have a sense of oneness with the organization.  A job may seem
challenging because it takes great effort or involves thinking about things in a complex
     Carmeli et al. (2007) found that greater job challenge was associated with greater
organizational identification and greater creative behavior among employees.  Moreover,
organizational identification was positively correlated with creative behavior among
employees.  The findings were consistent with their idea that the relation between job
challenge and creative behavior is mediated by organizational identification.
     Consistent with their model, one possible interpretation of the findings is that having a
more challenging job fosters greater identification with the organization, and greater
identification with the organization fosters greater creative behavior among
employees.                    However, we cannot make causal conclusions from the correlational
findings.  There may be other possible explanations for the correlational findings.
     Although these findings are correlational, it may be a good idea for managers to strive to
create a challenging work environment for employees.


Carmeli, A., Cohen-Meitar, A., & Elizur, D.  (2007).  The role of job challenge and
organizational identification in enhancing creative behavior among employees in the
Journal of Creative Behavior, 41, 75-90.