Insight is an important concept in psychology.   It is a concept related
to problem solving.   Thus, it is important to define insight.  Below is a
definition of insight relevant to psychology:

Insight Definition:

Insight involves gaining sudden knowledge of a possible solution
to a problem.

Insight Example:

Insight can be viewed as the aha experience.  Below is an example of
insight that is relevant to problem solving and the aha experience:

Imagine that you have applied to many jobs.  You have had a few
interviews, but you have not yet received a job offer.  While thinking
about your skills, you suddenly have the idea that you could start a
business using some of your skills.  This idea about starting a business
using your skills is an example of insight.  You gained knowledge of a
possible solution to the problem of lacking work.  Moreover, it involves
thinking in a broader context when solving a problem because you are
considering self-employment in addition to applying for jobs.
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