Humor is an important and common type of communication.   It is important to gain an understanding of what humor is and the psychology of humor.
       It is important to define humor.  What is humor?  Below is one possible definition of humor:

Humor Definition

Humor is a form of communication that is judged to be amusing and makes others laugh.

Psychology of Humor

One important question concerns what makes us laugh, or what is considered funny or amusing.  This is a subjective judgment.  There may be many different types of communication that are considered amusing, and it may be difficult to determine what exactly makes a communication amusing.  Nonetheless, a message may be amusing if it is (a) original, (b) surprising, and (c) ironic. Thus, in learning how to be funny, humorous, or witty, it may be important to keep in mind that it may be a good idea to present a message that is original, surprising, and ironic.
    There may be a number of positive effects or benefits of  laugther and humor.   Thus, it is important to learn about humor research findings.  This page contains articles with research findings concerning humor.   
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