Karaoke Singing Tips:  How to Sing
                         Karaoke and Audience Enjoyment
    Many people enjoy singing karaoke.  The psychology of singing
karaoke involves two perspectives:  the singer perspective and the
audience perspective.  The singer perspective concerns what makes
karaoke enjoyable for the singer.  The audience perspective concerns
what makes karaoke enjoyable for the audience.  The best karaoke
performances would take into account both the singer perspective and
the audience perspective.  Ideally, karaoke would be something that is
enjoyed by both the singer and the audience.

How to Sing Karaoke to Increase Audience Enjoyment

       Simply singing a song in tune may not be enough for the audience to
enjoy a karaoke performance.   Some people may be talking to other
people, or focused on selecting songs to sing.  The karaoke singer needs
to attract the undivided attention of the audience.   I believe there are at
least three ways this can be accomplished.  These ideas can be
considered karaoke singing tips and possible ideas about how to sing well.

Animated Performance

     An animated karaoke performance may attract attention and be more
enjoyable.  Sitting down and singing a song may be too boring.  Karaoke
singers could dance and move around on the stage.

Original Performance

        Some songs may have been heard by the audience over 100 times,
and it may not be interesting to just hear the song the way they have
heard it before.  It may be much more interesting for the audience if the
karaoke singer sings the song in an original manner.  The karaoke singer
can sing the songs in a manner that reflect their unique way of singing
and personality.  This may attact the audience's attention to a greater

Emotional Performance

Some of the best karaoke performances reflect a great deal of
emotion.  The karaoke singer can express emotion in his or her voice and
facial expressions.  Dancing while singing may also reflect emotion.  This
may attract the audience's attention.

Evidence of Audience Enjoyment

       What is evidence of a good karaoke performance?  It may be
customary for the audience to clap even if the karaoke performance was
not very good.  Thus, clapping is not a good indicator of audience
enjoyment.  When people you do not know shake your hand and say
positive things about your karaoke performance, then it is a good
indication that they enjoyed the karaoke performance.
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