The psychology of helping is an important topic in social
psychology.   It is important to address reasons for helping
behavior, and how helping behavior may be increased.

Reasons for Helping:  Altruism versus Egoistic Motivation

     Some helping behaviors may reflect altruism.  Altruism
would reflect being motivated to help someone by a selfless
concern for the person's welfare.  Not all helping behaviors
may reflect altruism.  Some helping behaviors may reflect
egoistic motiation.  Egoistic motivation with respect to helping
behaviors reflects selfish reasons for helping behavior.  For
example, helping behavior may reflect a concern about being
viewed as a kind or nice person by others.

mportance of Understanding Helping Behavior

      It is important to gain an understanding of helping
behavior.  Understanding why people help may help to
understand how helping behavior can be increased.  There may
be practical applications of helping behavior experiments.  For
example, some experiments may provide ideas concerning

Research on Helping Behavior

       There are a number of interesting and important research
findings on helping behavior.  This page contains articles with
research findings concerning helping behavior. For example,
one article addresses the influence of gifts on donating
behavior. Moreover, another article concerns the influence of
soothing music on helping behavior.   
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