Health Psychology

         There are a number of important areas in psychology.  
One of the important subfields of psychology is
.   What is health psychology?   Below is one
definition of health psychology:

Health Psychology Definition:

Health psychology is the scientific study of relationships
between health and psychological variables

Health Psychology Example:

    One health psychology example is the study conducted by
Detweiler, Bedell, Salovey, Pronin, and Rothman (1999).  In
their study, beach-goers were given a brochure to read, and
there were different versions of the brochure that reflected
framing of the messages.  The brochure contained questions to
answer.   After returning the questionnaire, the participants
were given a coupon that could be redeemed for a sunscreen
sample that was free.   One of the measures in the study was
whether the participants redeemed the coupon.  Participants
who read information framed as a gain were more likely to
redeem the coupon for the sunscreen sample than participants
who read information framed as a loss (see their study for other
findings).   This finding suggests that reading information
related to health may result in more interest in sunscreen use
when presented as what may be gained than when presented
as what may be lost.


Detweiler, J. B., Bedell, B. T., Salovey, P., Pronin, E.,     
 Rothman, A. J.  (1999).  Message framing and   
 sunscreen use:  Gain-framed messages motivate  
Health Psychology, 18, 189-196.
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