Groupthink is an important and interesting concept in
psychology.  Thus, it is important to define groupthink.  
What is groupthink?   Below is one definition of groupthink.

Groupthink Definition:

Groupthink is a form of faulty decision making in
cohesive groups in which there is insufficient critical

Groupthink Examples:

Although there may be some important historical examples
of the groupthink phenomenon, I will provide some
hypothetical examples that may reflect everyday
experiences of the groupthink phenomenon.

1.   A hiring committee interviewed three candidates for a
job and they discussed the job candidates in a meeting. The
group is cohesive and often strives to think in a similar
manner.  They quickly made a decision about who to hire.  
The job candidate accepted the job offer.  However, after
three months, the person who was hired was found to be not
reliable and the person was fired.  During the hiring process,
the committee members failed to consider reasons why the
person who was hired may not be the right person for the

2.  Three close friends one day decide to start a business.  
There is sufficient uncertainty about how successful the
business may be.  Nonetheless, they all express considerable
optimism about the business and develop similar ideas about
why the bussiness will be successful.  However, one year
after the business started, the business was operating at a
loss, and the friends decided to discontinue the business.  
When they were discussing starting the business they failed
to consider possible reasons why the business may not be