Gratitude Definition

       Gratitude is one concept in psychology.   It is important to
gain an understanding of the meaning  of gratitude.   Gratitude
may reflect a cultural norm.    Expressing gratitude may be part
of our socialization.    For example, a simple "thank you" has
become an automatic part of our everyday communication.
      What is gratitude?   Below is one definition of gratitude:

Gratitude is simply the feeling of thankfulness and the
expression of appeciation.

The above definition of gratitude suggests that gratitude is
both a feeling and a behavior.  Expressions of gratitude can
involve a simple "thank you" for someone's considerate and kind
behavior.  The words of gratitude can also be expressed more
formally in a gratitude letter, a gratitude card, or gratitude poems.
      Gratitude can also viewed as a general attitude towards life
that involves seeing the glass as half full. The power of gratitude
may be reflected in having a more positive evaluation of one's
      Expressing gratitude may help to build rapport.   Other
people may wish to feel appreciated.  To help build rapport, it is
important to express sincere and heartfelt gratitude.