Learning how to fundraise effectively may be a primary concern of
nonprofit organizations.  It is important to have an effective fundraising plan
and to determine what are the best fundraising methods and ideas.
     One important topic concerns the psychology of fundraising.  There are
interesting and important findings on donating behavior.  This page contains
articles with findings concerning fundraising and donating behavior.          
Some of the fundraising research findings may provide important insights
concerning how to raise money and nonprofit fundraising ideas (including
some possible simple and easy fundraising ideas).
    There also is an article concerning fundraising in the
Solutions section
A Three-Step Fundraising Technique.
Is a Picture Really Worth a Thousand Words?
Does the Familiarity of the Charity Influence Donations?
Psychology of Influence:  Do Gifts Influence Donations?
The Foot-in-the-Door Technique
Observing a Person Make a Donation
Can Listening to Songs with Prosocial Lyrics Influence Donating Behavior?
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