Forgiveness Definition

         Forgiveness is an important concept in psychology.  The
ability to forgive someone may be considered a characteristic
of a good person.  Learning how to forgive someone or
forgive yourself may partly involve gaining a better
understanding of the concept of forgiveness and the definition
of forgiveness.  What is forgiveness?   Below is one possible
forgiveness definition:

Forgiveness is a willingness to no longer feel resentment
towards a person.

         The above definition of forgiveness suggests that
forgiveness reflects a change in an attitude towards the
person. A person who forgives has a more positive attitude
towards someone.  However, this does
not mean that the
person who forgives has accepted the negative behavior.  A
person can forgive someone and still feel the same about the
negative behavior.
         There may be a liberating effect of forgiveness as a
result of letting go of negative feelings.   Thus, forgiveness
may be beneficial to the person who forgives.