How to Write a Good Introduction Paragraph:
                    Writing the First Paragraph of a Paper

    Writing the introduction is one of the first steps in academic writing.  
Introduction writing can be difficult.   One important question concerns
how to write a good introduction paragraph.  The first paragraph of an
informational essay or paper is important for two reasons.  First, you
need to convince the reader that the questions addressed in the paper
are interesting and important.  Second, you need to clearly express
what you will cover in the paper or informational essay.
     There are a number of possible ways to convince a reader when
writing essay introduction.   One of the best ways to convince a reader
that the questions are interesting and important is to tell a story.  A
story paints pictures.  It may grab the reader's attention.  It can also
make it clear what questions you are addressing, and why they may be
  After you tell the story, you can then make an specific statement
about what you will cover in the paper.  This statement may help to
reader to comprehend and read the rest of the paper.  The more details
that are provided about the elements of the paper, the easier it may be
to read the rest of paper