Field Study

Many scientific studies are laboratory studies.  However,
some scientific studies are field studies  What is a field
study?  Below is one definition of a field study.

Field Study Definition

A field study is a scientific study that is conducted in a
natural setting.

Field Study Examples

 There are many possible field study examples.  Below are
two hypothetical examples of a field study.

1.  A researcher is interested in what makes people laugh.  
The researcher conducts a study in which she observes
comics at an open mike event.  She takes notes of the type
of humor and the audience response.

2.  A researcher is interested in investigating the
effectiveness of a fundraising technique.  The researcher
conducts a study in which previous donors are called and
asked to make a donation.  In the study, the researcher
varies information in the script to address whether a certain
fundraising technique may increase donations.