The Experiment

The experiment is one of the types of scientific
research.  It is important to define an experiment. What
is an experiment?   Below is one possible experiment
Definition of an Experiment

An experiment is one type of scientific research in
which researchers manipulate one or more variables to
see what effect they may have on one or more other

Independent and Dependent Variables

   An experiment is a research method in which there
will be one or more independent variables and
dependent variables.  What is an independent variable?  
In an experiment, a variable manipulated by the
researcher is an independent variable.  A dependent
variable is a variable measured by the researcher.  A
dependent variable is a variable that is hypothesized to
be influenced by the independent variable.

Example of an Experiment  (Psychology Experiment

There are many possible examples of experiments.  
Some of these would be human behavior experiments or
psychology experiments.  In this article, I provide a
psychology experiment example.
  Imagine that you wished to know whether listening to
music would increase productivity in the workplace.  
You randomly assign each participant in this experiment
to either an experimental condition or a control
condition. (1)
    In the experimental condition, participants listen to
music while they work.  In the control condition, the
participants do not listen to music while they work.  In
this example, listening to music vs. not listening to music
is the independent variable.  The dependent variable in
this example is productivity.


1.  See the article, random assignment, for information
about random assignment