Empowerment is an important concept with respect to
work, education, and psychology.   It could be related to
important outcomes in organizations.  Thus, it is important to
define empowerment.  What is empowerment?  Below is one
definition of empowerment:

Empowerment Definition:

Empowerment is the ability to achieve certain goals through
one's own efforts.

Empowerment Example:

In order to have a clearer understanding of the concept of
empowerment, it is important to provide an example of
empowerment.  Below is one example of empowerment:

      A supervisor in a company wishes that her employees
would have greater ability to solve certain problems on their
own.  She feels that she is providing too much direction.  The
employees often consult with her for most of the problems,
and she is making decisions for the employees.   She decides
to implement a training program in solving problems.  This
program involves learning about problem solving strategies
such as developing subgoals and finding creative solutions.  
The purpose of this training problem is to empower
employees, and this may result in the ability of the employees
to solve problems on their own without having to consult with