The Meaning of Dreams

       What do dreams mean?  How do we interpret dreams?  Is there
any meaning to our dreams?   These are interesting questions.  
However, there may not be definitive answers to these questions.
       One possible answer is that dreams really don't have any
meaning.  They may simply reflect a random access to memories.  
This view would be consistent with the content of some dreams.   
Some dreams may be bizarre and make no sense.
       Another possible answer is that dreams reflect what is on our
minds.  They may reflect what we had been thinking about in the
past few days, or what has concerned us recently.  The dreams may
reflect what we are worried about, or problems that we wish to
solve.   However, this does not seem to be an adequate theory to
explain some dreams.  For example, I have had some dreams that
reflect something in my past that I have rarely thought about.  I
could not find a good explanation for why I had these dreams.  
Thus, I tend to believe more strongly in the view that dreams are
just a random access to memories.
      Although there may not be any definite answers to the question
concerning the meaning of dreams, there certainly are a number of
interesting ideas and theories concerning the interpretation of
dreams.  These beliefs or theories of dreams are an important topic
concerning the psychology of dreams.

The Psychology of Dreams

          There are a number of interesting questions concerning the
psychology of dreams.  These include the following:

Is the content of one's dreams related to one's personality?

What personality characteristics are associated with lucid dreaming?

What are some of the beliefs concerning the meaning of dreams?

       The above questions are some of the important and interesting
questions that may be addressed in research.  Below are some
articles with research findings concerning dreams.  These are just a
few of the studies on the topic of dream research.

The Perceived Meaning of Dreams:  College Students' Beliefs
About Dreams

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Lucid Dreaming:  Is Need for Cognition Associated with Lucid

Lucid Dreaming:  Is Having an Internal Locus of Control
Associated with Lucid Dreams?
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