Freud's Defense Mechanisms

    An example of a psychoanalytic personality theory is
Sigmund Freud's ideas about defense mechanisms.  Freud's
theory is one of the important theories in psychology.  These
defense mechanisms were proposed to keep unacceptable
material out of awareness (to reduce anxiety).  They were
thought to operate an unconscious level.  In other words,
people would not be aware that they were using the defense

Defense Mechanism Examples

     In Freud's theory, there are a number of defense
mechanisms.  Below are some examples of some defense
mechanisms (I have only provide an example for some of the
defense mechanisms):

Example of Denial: A person who gets fired from a job denies
that he or she failed to meet job performance standards.

Example of Projection: A person who is rude to his or her
coworkers complains that his or her coworkers are rude to him
or her.

Example of Repression: A person who had a car accident
may forget that the accident occurred.
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