Why Is Critical Thinking Important?

   There may be a number of benefits of critical thinking.
Two of the benefits of critical thinking are (a) making better
decisions, and (b) being able to better evaluate scientific

Better Decisions

   Critical thinking may be essential in making good
decisions.   Imagine that your current job is ending soon,
and you have not received any positive responses to your
applications.   You make a judgment that your chances of
finding another job similar to your current job is low.  You
are thinking about changing careers.  However, it would be
important to critically evaluate the outcome.   Perhaps you
have not submitted a sufficient number of applications.  It
could be that there is something missing from your cover
letter.  You may need to revise your resume.   Considering
all of the possible explanations for the outcome would be an
example of critical thinking.

Better Evaluation of Scientific Findings

 Critical thinking may help in evaluating scientific findings.  
There may be a number of findings reported in the news.  It
would be important to critically evaluate the findings that are
reported.  What type of study was conducted?  What are
the limitations of the study?  What conclusions would be
justified based on the findings?  The answers to these
questions would reflect critical thinking.
   There may be correlational findings reported in the
news.  Correlational findings tell one nothing about
causation.  It is important to consider all the possible
explanations for correlational findings.
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