Creativity is a very important concept.  It is relevant
to creating art, music, and fiction.  It is important in the
workplace.  It is an important concept in psychology.
       One important question concerns how to define
creativity.  What is creativity?   Below is one possible
definition of creativity:

Creativity Definition:

Creativity is the development of ideas and products that
are both original and valuable.

It is essential for something to be both original and
valuable to be creative.  It is possible that something could
be very original but not valuable.  We probably would not
view something as creative if it is not valuable.  For
example, a person could write a book that was just random
sentences.  This may be highly original, but it would not be
of value to anyone.

Creativity Examples:

Examples of creativity include a scientist who
develops a theory to explain human behavior, a musician
who writes original songs that are enjoyed by many people,
and a writer who writes a book that provide new ideas for