One important topic concerns the psychology of
creativity.   It is important to gain an understanding of the
creative process and the concept of creativity.

The Concept of Creativity

What is creativity?  Learning how to be creative
partly involves gaining a better understanding of the
concept of

Why Is Creativity Important?

Creativity may be important for many reasons.  For
example, a creative approach to marketing may increase
sales.  Moreover, creativity may be essential for writing
more interesting novels.  People may wish to read novels
that have novel aspects to the storyline and themes.  Also,
creativity may foster greater perceived meaning in life.

Creativity Research

Creativity research is one important area of research.  
There are a number of important research findings.   
Creativity articles and studies on creativity can be very
interesting.  This page contains articles with research
findings on creativity.

How to be Creative

      Some of the findings in these articles may help to
gain insight into how to be creative and how to be
artistic.  Some research findings on creativity could be
used to develop strategies to increase creative ideas,
creative thinking, and creative problem solving.  For
example, it may be a good idea to experience positive
emotion and avoid being extrinsically motivated.
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