Creative Ability and Dreams

Are one's dreams related to one's personality?  Do
people who are high in creative ability have different
dreams from people who are low in creative ability?  
Sylvia, Clark, and Monroe (1978) investigated the
relationship between creative ability and certain
characteristics of dream reports.  They found that people
who were high in creative ability had dreams that were
rated, on the average, as more unique than the dreams of
people who were low in creative ability.  Also, the dreams
of people high in creative ability were found to have more
elements, on the average, of external objects and internal
activity than the dreams of people low in creative ability.  
External objects was a category in which there was
physical objects reported.  Internal activity was a category
involving statements concerning emotional awareness or
cognition. (1)
 These findings suggest that creative ability is related to
the characteristics and content of dreams.  It is possible
that one's personality has an influence on what one dreams.


1.  See their article for information on other findings.


Sylvia, W. H., Clark, P. H., & Monroe, L. J.  (1978)
Dream reports of subjects high and low in creative
The Journal of General Psychology, 99, 205-